не говори со мной
holy, holy, holy

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rosalind lutece & zachary hale comstock

я считаю, тебе пора завязывать -
закрой свой рот, помой его с мылом,
заклей его скотчем, ступай с миром.

♯ OQJAV – взрослые

you lost along the way
still remember, the names, and faces
cold and abandoned
they cry, their fate put in your hands

when it's over, they come to haunt you

[nick]zachary hale comstock[/nick][status]ye must be burn again![/status][icon]http://funkyimg.com/i/2FrFi.png[/icon][lzv]<font face="Century Gothic Regular" size="3"><b><a href="ССЫЛКА НА АНКЕТУ">[bioshock]</a></b></font><center><IMG SRC="http://funkyimg.com/i/2C3Dj.png"></center><div class text align="justify">damage done to the flesh, what they said - <i>in the name of the</i> - damage done to the heart, is the start, of the end! damage done to my soul, and you know, it knows where my - damage done to my life, may seem loud, as the chaos.</div><center><IMG SRC="http://funkyimg.com/i/2C3Dj.png"></center>[/lzv]