на ядерной пустоши нет места таким как мы.
у тебя нет имени и нет родины, ты не знаешь дома, в который мог бы вернуться, но ты все ещё дышишь — все ещё можешь обрести себя заново. на пересечении вселенных ты считаешь минуты до судного дня, и счёт снова идёт на единицы: среди бесконечности развилок определишь ли для себя правильный путь?
доброй дороги, путник, и не смей забывать, у выживания нет цены.


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When in Vyazma, do like vyazmians

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When in Vyazma, do like Vyazmians





Natalia Romanova & Clint Barton

Russia, Village Bogoroditskoye, 11 a.m.

They've faced alien invasions. They've faced army of robots. But they weren't ready to face this...

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"There`s no better place like home". She heard that saying quite often in her life, but didn`t understand it. What is home? For a person like her, for a spy. Some say it could be a place, or even a person. But to feel needed, to have that place, you have to find it first.
In her past, Homeland was everything for young agents. They were trained to be fully loyal, to love and protect their country without hesitation. They had a home, even if sometimes they were afraid of it. Natasha was, since childhood. Once, for a small glimpse of time she thought that she had a home, loving husband, dream job. A beautiful and tempting illusion, that was broken into pieces, just like her heart. Over and over again. No wonder that she lost her loyalty to Bezukhov, to the Red Room. Suddenly she realized, that her home was her prison.
And now, going back there, so many years after, it feels bad. It hurts even now, because she remembers. Old broken regimes, young broken girls, all of that. Fury knew, that this would happen, if she ever come back home. Because, even if it broke her, took away her life, it still was her homeland, a place where she became famous Black widow. Unbeaten, deadly, with secrets big enough to ruin countries. And now, she saves countries, lives, world peace. Doing everything she wasn`t designed to do in the first place.
This old village was somewhere beyond reach of civilization, beautiful new world bypassed this place. It remained the same, if you don`t count the dreadful look of old houses and old people around. In every sense, this place was old, keeping dark secrets from the past deep beneath. Buried with the former KGB agent and their stories. Natasha thought that maybe she helped burying them, figuratively.  And now she has enough nerve to walk on their bones, after all she`s done. But job is job and it has to be done.
This small village was marked as a tiny dot on the map, small enough to be unnoticed for many decades. Former KGB base of operations, partly prison with a small lab. They lived autonomously, in secret, with a bunch of villagers who kept their mouths shut. That`s so typical for her former emplyees, and ironically, for her enemies as well. Hydra did that, labs under small villages, with civillians who didn`t suspect a thing. They had so much in common, yet they fought with each other. And now they both were extinct, at least she hoped for it. That`s why she came, that`s why she brought Clint with her. To make sure that her old demons stayed dead, as it should be.
- Do you like it here? Fresh air, this general atmosphere of withering. - she asked her partner, who was fascinated by this long forgotten place. They just got off Quinjet with all the supplies they may need, it was almost noon. Nat felt very weird even being here, she was hearing voices from the past, screams of her previous life. Even though this village looked friendly, she knew that you can`t  tell if it`s a trap only by appearance and first impression.
Casual clothes, old bags and friendly faces. That`s all they had now as a disguise. A couple of friendly tourists. Just wandering around, making photos, smiling at the locals. Nothing unusual, almost. If there are still agents left, someome might recognize her. But that`s very unlikely.

- Простите, далеко еще до деревни? - she asked politely as they were passing by the shepherd with his flock. He was covered in wrinkles, his arms were very rough and callous from years of hard work. He put away his stick and answered in a hoarse voice
- Да еще метров пятьсот, а дальше уж и дом. А вы че, небось заблудились, ребятки? - he tried to be friendly, but his eyes expressed suspision. Tourists were a rare thing out there, but it could happen from time to time, why not? Natasha thanked the old man and they headed towards the village. Something wasn`t right, but she didnt understand what it was. Paranoia or just a hunch?

- We need to make it fast, I have a bad feeling about our mission.

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Вы здесь » nuclear » heads i win, tails you lose » When in Vyazma, do like vyazmians